Monthly Rhyme from Twiglet's book: "March in in, the winds begin!" Twiglet, the Little Christmas Tree Copyright 2003 by Phyllis and Janey Fisher.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Twiglet and the Twins are moving to Texas!!!

A lot of changes are in the works! Not only are Twiglet and the Twins moving to Texas, but our children's book of seven chapters will be broken down into seven booklets. We are excited about the change and will keep you updated on the booklets and our move!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

PJ's 4th Annual Seven Stop Tour...

Happy New Year!!!
We will be keeping the link to PJ's Christmas Tour live throughout 2008 for those who love Christmas anytime! Rueben and Rachel host the tour each year and have outdone themselves with candy canes 'n' trains this year. As always the tour starts at PJ's Depot and has a Christmas Special available at the end of the tour...

The tour is interactive with the opportunity for children to send in a book report after they read "Twiglet, the Little Christmas Tree, Rachel will post their coloring book masterpieces and letters written on Twiglet's stationery, too!

Twiglet and the twins look forward to a new year filled with discoveries, miracles and friendships in your lives and can't wait to hear about them!!!

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