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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Twiglet" is referred to at Associated Content...

One of my fellow BLOG VILLAGERS has written an informative piece on "How to Have a Popular Blog and Earn Money with It". Debbie Alten's blog Pieces of Me is filled with "fresh (meaning new, original and unique), interesting or thought provoking content" to take a phrase from this article posted over at Associated Content. Debbie has written a review on our children's book, "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree" and belongs to a writer's group that has met every Friday for more than 15 years.

I was surprised when I read a recent comment for one of my other blogs,
Mustang 'n' Cowboys, over in BLOG VILLAGE: "On Mon, Jun.11, 2007 3:49 PM PDT the gatekeeper (gtargirl at rated this site [no rating] Woo hoo! Number 8! Nice job. I included this website in my article "How to have a popular blog and make money from it." It's published at AC. They paid me for it. Hehehehe. Go figure."

I said all of this to say THANK YOU! to Debbie for referring to "Twiglet" in her article.

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The Gatekeeper said...

Oh, Hi Janey, just came by here to see how Twiglett was doing and I see this wonderful thank you card. Just for me? How sweet.

And . . . I've made/authored another blog--"The Family Book Cellar." It's all about books authored by my friends and family as well as my journey towards making a living online. Phew! Anyhow, my friend, I'd like to link and post about Twiglett. So I'm looking for links here and you're welcome and thank you.

Talk to ya soon.

Janey Loree said...

We just wanted you to know that we really appreciated your review on "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree!

I will check out your new blog just a soon as I get finished with this comment! Sounds like a great blog!!

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